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Is Taiwan's HTC about to get acquired by ZTE, Lenovo or Huawei?

Jon Gold | Aug. 23, 2013
Also – a load of Google app updates, a massively pirated indie game, and a detailed investigation of what you can and can't have inscribed on your Moto X.

Seriously, go get it, if you're of a mind. It looks wonderfully well-designed, and I'm certainly planning to give it a try.(H/T: The Verge)


So it turns out there are limits to the Moto X's much-vaunted customizeability Jason Gilbert over at Medium (NSFW language) has an extensive investigation into what Motorola will and will not let you say in the phone's inscription. The usual suspects are all out, as are the names of rival phone makers though you can say "iPhone" for some reason.

Why you'd want to have something ribald or explicit written on your phone is something I don't feel qualified to answer at this point, but please accept my mystified condolences if you'd been hoping that the Moto X was the answer to your profanity-laced prayers.


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