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IT execs say working with startups is worth the risk

Johanna Ambrosio | Oct. 5, 2012
Working with startups requires a lot of legwork and knowing how to manage the risk. But the rewards can be great.

Large IT organizations have a lot of vendors, including startups, beating down their doors to show their wares. But there are other ways to find up-and-coming tech companies, including attending shows, such as DEMO, that feature them.

Many venture-capital (VC) firms -- in New York and Silicon Valley, especially -- specialize in backing tech startups. Sometimes these firms will come in to talk to you if you invite them. Or check the VC websites regularly and see which startups they're working with. Likewise, tech incubators at universities and other locations around the country are good sources.

Fox's Cindy McKenzie said she goes to legal-oriented trade shows in addition to the traditional computer-oriented ones; her company uses a lot of legal software and she sometimes finds vendor partners there.

Back at DEMO, some of the other startups strutting their stuff:

Cloud /infrastructure

  • Evtron Cell: High-density storage platform that fits 120 hard disk drives into a 7-inch space -- a standard 4U server slot -- with air cooling. Increases storage capacity in data centers while reducing cooling and power costs.
  • Traffic powered pumps, compressors and crashers: Momentum-powered systems to provide power off the grid.
  • Compute Qloud and Storage Qloud: Cloud services powered by renewable energy.
  • Eco-Green Data Safe: A disaster-proof safe that holds all standard rack-mounted computer equipment -- protects servers and reduces energy via liquid cooling.
  • Nubefy: An IT service management platform that facilitates building IaaS (infrastructure in the cloud).
  • Omnicloud: Deploy, run and scale apps directly from your desktop. For developers of all levels.
  • Trinity Cloud Procurement and Bidding: A procurement and bidding platform for supplier discovery and product management.

Other types of business tools

  • Segovia: Excel-based reporting appliance that can incorporate and join a variety of data sources, including relational data, NoSQL, flat files and, of course, Excel files.
  • OrbitFront: Users are loaned products they want to review. Contributors receive 10% of the revenues from each purchase made because of their review. OrbitFront collects 10% of revenue from each sale.
  • Consentsys: Helps businesses collect money by giving customers flexible and easy payment options they can afford.
  • CodEnforcer: Cloud-based source code quality checking and improvement. Inserts recommendations for code improvement directly into the source code. For C, C#, Java, PHP.
  • Stampsy: Publishing platform for the iPad that makes content creation easy in a new presentation and ad format. Results can be shared via social networks.
  • Wiresurfer: Online marketplace for the best telecom deals for small and medium businesses; updated daily, no fees.
  • Zeppelin: Promises "business insights based on social media" -- intended for teams of business users ranging from 5 to 30 people.
  • GivingTrax: Cloud-based service that helps track donation requests, corporate giving and results.



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