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IT professionals undervalued by Singaporean businesses and end users

Zafirah Salim | Sept. 3, 2015
SolarWinds establishes IT Professionals Day on September 15 to recognise their critical business value.

Most Singaporean end users agree IT has a greater impact on their daily work lives than the C-suite, with almost two-thirds (60 percent) agreeing that their company's IT department going on vacation for a month would have a greater impact on their daily work life than if their company's C-suite did.

This is according to SolarWinds' recent IT Pro Value survey, which demonstrates the value Singaporean IT professionals provide to an enterprise.

The survey also revealed that more than 81 percent of Singaporean end users place greater importance on the technology supported by IT professionals in the workplace, such as phones, computers and softwares, than they do on personnel (35 percent).

Additionally, almost three-quarters of Singaporean end users (72 percent) indicate work productivity is lost without the technology supported by IT professionals, with one-third (36 percent) saying a day's work would take an additional business day or longer to complete without the said technology. Another 16 percent said it would not at all be possible to carry out their daily work without it.

Conversely, from an IT professional standpoint, 62 percent of them feel at most moderately valued by their employer for their unique contribution to business, with more than a quarter feeling only slightly, to not at all valued. Another finding stated that 83 percent feel they are worth more than they are currently compensated, with one-third saying they feel that they are worth at least 21 percent more.

In conjunction with these findings, SolarWinds has established the third Tuesday of every September - beginning 15 September 2015 - as IT Professionals Day to honour all IT professionals as the "unsung heroes of modern business".

This day is designed to annually celebrate all IT professionals regardless of discipline. It honours not only system administrators, but also other professionals serving in IT-related roles, including network engineers, database administrators, information security professionals, developers and IT support technicians.

"The survey results demonstrate that business leaders and end users can do a lot more to show IT pros how appreciative they are of the value they provide to business. The technology we rely on to keep business running smoothly is absolutely critical to success, but the level of recognition and reward IT pros receive for the part they play in enabling and supporting it may not match it. IT Professionals Day is a great way to start leveling that," said Kevin Thompson, President and Chief Executive Officer, SolarWinds.

"We're very excited to be a part of establishing IT Professionals Day as a way to honour all IT pros for the amazing work they do to keep business moving at the lightning speed required for success today. When you think about what a typical day would look like for many of today's workers without IT pros and the technology they support, it's safe to say work on the whole would slow to a crawl or worse," he added. 


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