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iWatch watch: Apple is not here to entertain you

Jason Snell | April 15, 2014
Apple has only "60 days left to either come up with [an iWatch] or they will disappear," analyst Trip Chowdhry told CNBC last month. "It will become a zombie, if they don't come up with an iWatch."

Apple makes products, it makes them carefully, and it designs them to sell in large quantities and to make massive profits. The iPhone has been boring for a while now, and the Samsung Galaxy is boring now too. We live in a world where all the gigantic smartphone surprises are over, and now it's all about the constant refinement of these remarkable devices that are changing our lives and the lives of people the world over.

If Apple and Samsung were comedians trying to sell tickets to their shows, they'd be in dire trouble. But they're electronics companies making phones, and between them they also make most of the profits in the smartphone market. They will be boring all the way to the bank--and 60 days from now, no matter what happens in the wearables market, things will be pretty much the same.


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