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Level Money launches on Android, tells you your daily allowance

Leah Yamshon | Jan. 17, 2014
Categorised-based budgeting too hard? Level takes a different approach.

Finally, it creates your plan, calculating your spendable money by subtracting your bills and savings goals from your overall income. Three circles indicate what you should spend today, this week, or this month. Any leftover money you don't spend one day gets rolled over into the next day. Once it's good to go, Level tracks your transactions in real time and automatically updates your "spendability." It is a good idea to check transactions at least once a day to make sure they are properly tagged, however.

Level was built with millennials in mind, as this age group "feels financial pressure, yet lacks the resources to manage responsibly," according to Fuentes. And maybe that's why I find it so helpful: I'm on the old end of the millennial spectrum, but I'm there nonetheless. But really, it's a refreshing, old-school way to think about saving and spending that anyone can get on board with.

My only pain points are that it doesn't yet support one of my smaller banks that I use for savings, and double-checking the transaction tags can take a bit of time. Everything needs to be completely in cahoots in order for Level to be of any use.

Level is certainly helpful if you're looking for a tool to assist with everyday spending. And while I'm not ready to ditch my nagging Mint account, I can see a budding relationship between us, where those two gang up on me to keep my spending in check.

Level is now available for free in the Google Play store, and is compatible with devices running Android 2.0 (Éclair) or newer. iOS users can find level in the App Store, also for free.


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