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Low-cost iPhone: 'C' for cheap, color or classic?

Gregg Keizer | Aug. 1, 2013
Purported name for new smartphone gets a 'C' from analysts

Milanesi echoed that when she pointed out that the letter need not carry baggage. "If you look at the [Mercedes-Benz] S-Class and C-Class, [they] are still all in the higher end of the market, but of course 'C' is a lower spec," she said.

Alternative names the analysts suggested ran from "iPhone Mini" (Milanesi) to "iPhone Classic" (Moorhead).

"Apple has never just done a cheaper version of one of its leading devices," Moorhead observed. "They've either water-falled a more-expensive device downward (iPhone 4GS), miniaturized and provided a descriptive name (mini/nano/shuffle) or institutionalized (classic). If the lower-priced iPhone truly is just a lower-cost and -priced iPhone, I would call it the 'iPhone classic.'"

But if Apple's already settled on "C" as the identifier, Moorhead had one piece of advice.

"If Apple were to use something along the lines of 'C,' they would need to fill it with meaning or [risk having] the industry fill it for them," Moorhead said. "Consider the 'iPad,' initially mocked, but not anymore, because Apple filled it with meaning."

Milanesi also had some free branding advice for Apple. "I think it is about time they moved away from numbers, because even at one model a year getting to iPhone 10 in 2018 seems a little daft," she said.

Apple has not confirmed a lower-priced iPhone — it regularly refuses to discuss upcoming products — but analysts anticipate a fall release, most likely in September, alongside a revamped iPhone 5. Both would run iOS 7, Apple's new mobile operating system.


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