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Mac 101 wrap-up: Panic optional

Christopher Breen | Feb. 14, 2014
498 days and 68 lessons later, it's time to apply the decorative ribbon to Mac 101. It was fun while it lasted, but I'm done. As part of our journey we've started with the most basic of basics; taken long looks at the Finder; dived into the Mac's Find features; explored MailContacts, Calendar, and Messages; [<a

Of course there will always be Mac 201 features that you'll miss because they were intentionally hidden to protect the newborn, so little-used that the designer chose to bring more common features to the fore, or, quite frankly, because the job you've tasked your Mac with is complicated and the click of a single obvious button won't do. In such cases cursing and random clicking are often the first resort, but you may find it more helpful to select the Help menu and enter an appropriate keyword or, failing there, visit the developer's support page.

And with that I wish you the best with your Mac. Thanks for taking the time to follow along. I hope you've enjoyed the ride.


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