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Mailbox CEO on building a better mail app

Lex Friedman | Feb. 8, 2013
Gentry Underwood's company released its free Mailbox app for iPhone today. Underwood spoke with Lex Friedman about his plan for Mailbox's success, profitability, and more.

And Underwood likes his chances. "One of the big opportunities here is that pretty much everybody uses email, pretty much everybody uses email on their phone, and pretty much everybody who uses email on their phone kind of hates it right now. And if we can address that problem at scale, we can build a real business."

Mailbox's goal, Underwood said, is to "take pain out of your day to day experiences" of managing email, especially using it as a to-do list. If Mailbox can "take a little bit of friction out of email-based collaboration, and do that with a lot of people, you're greasing the skids for a lot of people."

Citing the famous Steve Jobs quote, Underwood said that the appeal of building Mailbox was the potential of making a dent in the universe. "I think we have a shot."


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