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Malaysia: Look Ahead to 2012 - Part 1

AvantiKumar | Jan. 4, 2012
Computerworld Malaysia presents a 'virtual roundtable' of opinions from Malaysian industry practitioners and vendors on what we can expect in 2012.

In Malaysia, the 10th Malaysia Plan, New Economic Model, National Transformation Policy and the implementation of the Transformation Programmes (Government, Economic, Political, Digital) will enable Malaysia to become a modern and progressive country. Oganisations/businesses in the country can stand to benefit if they look to these initiatives as drivers of the economy and plan their objectives and strategies accordingly.

We are conscious of the fact that, in tough times, our clients are smarter and are more cautious in seeking the right partner or advisor to work with. Near the end of 2011, IBM's leasing and loan division, Global Financing, announced that it will provide RM3.2 billion (US$1 billion) in financing to help credit-qualified small and medium enterprises (SMEs) over the next 18 months take advantage of a new suite of advanced technologies such as analytics and cloud. This financing option is available to SME clients in Malaysia.

Despite the uncertainties in the global economy, Malaysia's growth will be driven by expansion in the robust domestic economy, spurred by a more vibrant private consumption and investment. The Malaysian government has already put in place solid (government, economic, political, digital) Transformation Programmes, and the Bank Negara has a strong fundamental financial system, with monetary policy supportive of the economic activity as well.



Anita Lim, general manager, enterprise servers, storage, networks and technology services, HP Malaysia:

As a year in technology, 2011 witnessed an increased adoption of mobile and cloud computing, where everything (information) was connected and immediate. In 2011, HP embarked on the largest ongoing introduction of new services and solutions, across every area of the data centre, delivering innovations that drive new levels of simplicity, performance and savings for our clients. With integrated solutions, HP continued to help organisations reinvent their use of technology to deliver innovation at every point in the value chain within the enterprise.

It was definitely a big year for cloud computing as computing as a utility (like electricity) took off. CIOs in businesses and government organisations faced increasing pressure to deliver innovative technology-enabled services to meet ever-changing demands from customers and citizens alike. And one delivery model enterprises increasingly turned to is cloud computing, which provided newfound levels of agility, collaboration and speed.

In 2011, applications were at the heart of technology innovation. Enterprises run on applications that are always available and can easily adapt to new opportunities. Never before has the need for application flexibility been so pervasive and powerful. Research conducted on behalf of HP revealed that almost half of the organisations surveyed in the Asia Pacific had applications that were more than eight years old. Within that group more than 15 percent had applications more than 16 years old.  


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