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Malaysian business call costs cut by 70 per cent

AvantiKumar | April 14, 2011
P1 collaborates with ENT Broadband to enable Malaysian businesses to reduce international roaming charges.

P1 & ENT Signing Ceremony

PHOTO - (from left) KY Lam, head of devices of ENT Broadband; Phua Kia Lee, CEO of ENT Broadband; Yogi Babria, chief program officer of ENT Broadband; Michael Lai, CEO of P1 ; Kevin Henry, vice president of new market, P1; Lawrence Lee, director of enterprise sales, P1.

KUALA LUMPUR, 14 APRIL 2011 - A collaboration between Malaysian 4G broadband service provider Packet One [P1] and local MSC [Multimedia Supercorridor] Malaysia status firm ENT Quest's fulfillment arm ENT Broadband  will help local businesses to cut international roaming charges.

Up to 70 per cent of call costs could be cut with P1 Next Generation Voice Session Initiation Protocol [NGV SIP] Trunking service, said P1 chief executive officer, Michael Lai. "International roaming charges comprises a large portion of telecommunications costs for business travellers today. All one needs when abroad is to have one's smart phone or iPad connected to wi-fi and calls back to his office are then free because they are extension calls, not international calls. If he calls a Malaysian mobile network, it's still considered a local call."

"Another valuable feature of P1's NGV service is it provides valid telephone numbers for your business," said Lai, the signing of the agreement between P1 and ENT Broadband.  "This means customers can return your calls unlike traditional voice over IP calls that do not allow inbound calls because of invalid telephone numbers."

He said P1 NGV SIP Trunking Service also eliminated the need for fixed phone line subscription and also minimised communications hardware costs. "Mobile roaming charges are reduced by placing calls via a mobile dialer. Two major components for the successful deployment of SIP Trunks are: an IP PBX [Internet protocol private branch exchange] at the customer's premise and P1 as the SIP Trunking service provider."

ENT Broadband chief executive officer Kialee Phua said the company provided the managed hardware and software components for P1's NGV SIP Trunking service. "Companies could now benefit with high-end PBX functionalities at a small entry cost. Previously, SMEs [small and medium enterprises] would have to worry about the management of their communications system including maintenance, configuration, and upgrades. A key benefit of the managed IP PBX service is these time-consuming and sometimes complex maintenance activities are shifted to the vendor."

"As a managed service, we are able to offer customers scalability and support so that businesses can focus on what they do best and leave the management of their communications system to a specialist like us," said Phua.

SIP Trunking provides businesses with an alternative solution to existing analogue or digital telephone lines with a data connection. Calls are carried over the IP network instead of the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN).



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