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Malaysian home owners can slash their energy bills by up to 30 percent

AvantiKumar | Oct. 11, 2012
Home owners must now adopt more active energy efficiency habits, says Schneider Electric.

PeterCave - Schneider Electric Malaysia country manager modified

PHOTO - Peter Cave, Malaysia country president, Schneider Electric.


Though many Malaysian home owners practise passive energy saving behaviours such as switching off lights when you are done, more proactive action would help shave up to 30 percent off their energy bills, according to energy management solutions firm Schneider Electric.

Speaking on 9 October 2012, Schneider Electric Malaysia country president Peter Cave said home owners need to look beyond buying a 'green' home and put in place energy efficient solutions.

"As lighting and High Voltage Air Conditioning (HVAC) consumes more than 70 percent of energy at home, the simple act of 'turning off the lights when you are done' will not help much if you still use incandescent light bulbs," said Cave. "By implementing energy efficiency solutions in your home, you can monitor energy usage and achieve as much as 30 percent savings on your energy bill. These savings can then be put to better use in terms of purchasing items for the home, or on grocery bills."

"Many people mistake passive energy as a proactive step to conserve energy when in reality, it isn't," he said. "Active energy efficiency is turning off the light or installing an automatic sensor that does it for you when you leave the room. Both active and passive energy efficiency is incredibly important when you're trying to lower your energy consumption."

"Many people do not realise that our energy bill is heavily subsidised by the government," said Cave. "Demand for energy will double by the year 2050 and this will increase its consumption costs. We'll also need to halve our carbon dioxide emissions by the same time if we want to avoid serious global warming effects."

He added that homes owners could reap the benefits of energy efficiency through solutions such as home automation which will enable owners to transform their homes into 'Smart Homes'. "Home automation can integrate different technologies into a single, user friendly and interoperable platform that allows you to control energy usage within your home. Home owners can view lights or air-conditioners that are switched on in various rooms and turn it off from a panel."

 Wiser Home Control systems

"An example of home automation is the Wiser Home Control system by Schneider Electric that enables people to have better control over their home life," said Cave. "What sets Wiser apart from other home automation is the seamless control of lighting, music, home theatre, security systems and much more. It is also a scalable solution which is flexible and easy to install. Additionally, there are different solutions to fit different needs."

"At Schneider Electric, our main aim is to provide home owners with the ability to be energy efficient, lower their energy costs and carbon emissions without compromising the aesthetics and style of the home." he said. "With home automation, key elements such as lighting, security, home appliances, computers, and climate control come together in harmony."

"Home automation also provides homeowners with the unique ability to save energy," said Cave. "Home owners can measure how much energy they are consuming on an hourly, daily and monthly basis. This allows them to monitor the energy costs saved when they alternate the temperatures on their air conditioners or turn off the lights during the day."


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