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Malaysia's hardcopy peripherals remained strong in 2011: IDC

AvantiKumar | April 5, 2012
Malaysia's hardcopy peripherals remained strong in 2011: IDC

Donovan Low, Associate Market Analyst, Peripherals, IDC Malaysia

PHOTO - Donovan Low, associate market analyst, peripherals, IDC Malaysia.

Malaysia's hardcopy peripherals market remained strong in 2011 despite global economic challenges, according to analyst firm IDC.

Though there was an overall decline in government, corporate and consumer spending in 2011, the hardcopy peripherals (HCP) market continued a steady climb upwards, said IDC Malaysia associate market analyst, peripherals, Donovan Low, in late March 2012. "Our IDC Asia/Pacific Quarterly HCP tracker [fourth quarter, 2011] showed that the total HCP market achieved 6.7 percent annual growth in 2011, representing 1,276,000 shipment units as compared to the previous year of around 1,196,000 units."

"The laser HCP market grew significantly on a year-on-year (YoY) basis in 2011," said Low. "Public and commercial tenders for managed print service (MPS) solutions contributed most to the growth. The laser multi function printer (MFP) experienced a robust growth of 52.2 percent in 2011 as compared to just 4.1 percent for laser single function printer (SFP)."

"Inkjet HCP, which is the choice of most home users, continued to dominate the total HCP market," he said. "It grew by 7.7 percent YoY and took 67.3 percent share of the total HCP market, which was close to 858,000 shipment units. Inkjet MFP grew by 18.5 percent YoY, accounting for 77 percent of the total inkjet market, while inkjet SFP shrunk by 17.5 percent, holding just 23 percent of the total inkjet HCP market."

"In recent years, demand for multi-function printing devices has been on the rise due to the narrowing price gap between MFP and SFP, especially for inkjet HCP. With a RM100 [US$32.80] or less price difference between an inkjet MFP and inkjet SFP, the trend looks set to continue," said Low.  

"However, as the general election approaches, overall spending from the government and private sector will continue to be sluggish," he said. "In addition, the contraction of the global economy will likely shrink the marketing budgets of vendors leading to less sales revenue. Malaysia's household spending is also forecasted to slow down in 2012. Considering all these factors, IDC expects a slow year ahead for the HCP market with a mere 4.5 percent growth forecasted in 2012."


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