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Managing backup complexity for Malaysian companies of all sizes

AvantiKumar | Oct. 15, 2012
Symantec Malaysia launches updated NetBackup 5220, and Backup Exec 3600 tools for integrated, unified backup and data deduplication.

Alex Ong, Symantec Malaysia

PHOTO - Alex Ong, country director, Symantec Malaysia.


Backing up and recovering information has become an increasingly complex challenge for companies of all sizes, as well as a costly procedure, especially for smaller organisations, said security solutions provider Symantec Malaysia.

Speaking on 10 October 2012, Symantec Malaysia country director, Alex Ong, said: "According to the recent Symantec State of Information survey across 36 countries, total business Information is at 2.2 zettabytes and worldwide spending on business information is 1.1 trillion US dollars, which is enough to buy an iPad for every worker in the world."

"According to the Malaysian respondents in the study, the top three challenges are (a) information is growing too quickly (b) inadequate budgets and (c) the difficulty of tracking and protecting information being stored or accessed on  mobile devices," said Ong.

"Managing information is costly for businesses of all sizes: on average, enterprises spend US$38 million annually on information, while SMBs (small and medium businesses) spend US$332,000. However, the yearly cost per employee for SMBs is a lot higher at US$3,670, versus US$3,297 for enterprise," he said.

He said that for many customers, the challenges with protecting virtual and physical servers have been caused by the proliferation of as many as seven different backup solutions in a single environment and the integration problems between the hardware and software.

"Individual point solutions for target deduplication and virtual machine backup have only added to the complexity that has forced administrators to call for a new approach," said Ong. "Data growth, virtualisation and the needs for always-on business are making information management increasingly complex for organisations in Malaysia today."

"Backup is a critical part of information management and protection, and growing organisations in Malaysia will need to drive out complexity and keep costs down in their backup operations," he said.
Unified, simplified strategy

"A key part of Symantec's strategy in delivering better backup to organisations in Malaysia is to reduce this complexity and maximise performance," said Ong. "We announced the new approach to delivering better backup in Malaysia earlier this year, introducing ground-breaking new features to replace outdated and complicated approaches. Today, we are further delivering on our commitment through the launch of NetBackup 5220 and Backup Exec 3600 appliances which provide a modern approach to backup for SMBs and large enterprises."

"Symantec's backup appliances deliver an end-to-end integrated backup appliance for servers, storage, and software," he said. "Gone are the days of extreme systems engineering where it was the customer's responsibility to make all of their backup solutions work together."

"Symantec's three keys to fixing the backup arc is to control data growth, unify platforms and simplify backup," said Symantec South Asia regional director of systems engineering and alliances, Raymond Goh, adding that the option of data deeduplication was the more efficient path in most scenarios, and used 72 percent less production resources.

Goh said Symantec's latest NetBackup 5220 and Backup Exec 3600 appliances offer an integrated platform for hardware, software and deduplication of storage, providing customers with simplicity and maximises performance.

"The more simplified, unified approach has been warmly welcomed by companies across all sectors in Malaysia," he said. "More than 20,000 new customers have purchased Backup Exec and NetBackup software or appliances when initially announced this year.  In the last 12 months, Symantec has seen 250 percent growth in new appliance customers and 450 percent growth in the number of units shipped."

Symantec senior manager for regional product marketing, Asia Pacific, Lim Wen Woan, said the new backup appliances are unique in the market. "While many solutions require the IT team to integrate multiple solutions for tape, disk, dedupe, physical, virtual snapshots and backup, Symantec appliances are typically installed in less than 30 minutes and deliver integrated hardware, software and dedupe storage, providing customers with simplicity and performance from one vendor."

The new versions of Symantec NetBackup 5220 and Backup Exec 3600 appliances are now available in Malaysia.


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