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Maximum security for minimum effort: Trend Micro in Malaysia

AvantiKumar | Oct. 16, 2014
Trend Micro's Maximum Security 2015 Cloud Edition will help those three out of four Malaysian internet users worried about their privacy, says Trend Micro's Terrence Tang.

Trend Micro launch modified

Photo - Flanked by models, (from left) Adel Ang, Senior Manager of Consumer Business, South East Asia, Trend Micro next to the Captain Cloud mascot; and Terrence Tang, Senior Director of Consumer Business, Asia Pacific, Trend Micro.

The new Trend Micro Maximum Security 2015 Cloud Edition suite aims to meet the concerns of three out of four Malaysian respondents who are concerned about their piracy online, said the security solutions firm.

During the unveiling of the new solution in Kuala Lumpur, Terrence Tang, senior director of consumer business for Trend Micro Asia Pacific, said the company's online poll also showed that almost 60 percent of respondents in Malaysia are not protected on their mobile devices and personal computers.

Tang said there are now 3.5 new cyber threats every second and the online poll, which included 600 respondents in Malaysia, showed that 73 percent Internet users are concerned about sharing private information on social networking sites, and as many as 69 percent of respondents deleted or hid timeline posts they had shared previously.

"Consumers today are very reliant on their devices, with an average Malaysian owning four digital devices each," he said. "Yet, they often forget that having more devices also increases their exposure to cyber attacks. We are concerned about the safety of their digital lives as our survey indicated that only half of the respondents have installed security or antivirus apps or software on both their mobile devices and personal computers."

The new suite now offered the most comprehensive security solutions available for protection from cyber threats for PC, Mac, Android and now iOS platforms, said Tang.

Trend Micro product marketing manager for consumer business, Southeast Asia, Andrew Tan, said, "To users, securing all of their personal devices can be a huge challenge especially when devices today usually run on various operating systems. With this in mind, Trend Micro has expanded the Maximum Security 2015 Cloud Edition to offer a complete set of features to protect users from privacy and security breaches across multiple devices and on different platforms including PC, Mac, Android and iOS. Users can now have a peace of mind knowing that they can surf the Internet freely and enjoy their digital lives fully on any device all the time and regardless of where they are at."

 Poll results

Trend Micro's online poll findings included:

  • 58 percent of respondents only change their passwords when needed
  • 29 percent of mobile users allow mobile apps to access their social media profiles
  • 71 percent of surveyed parents do not use parental control settings
  • 28 percent of respondents believe they have downloaded malicious apps, and 52 percent do not know if they have encountered such apps


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