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Maxis launches ‘first of its kind’ child locator

AvantiKumar | Nov. 2, 2011
Malaysia's telco Maxis partners with KiddyTrack to provide Malaysian parents with a solution that helps them to watch over their children.

Maxis launches KiddyTrack in Malaysia

PHOTO - Maxis and KiddyTrack launch a first-of-its-kind child locator solution. (From left) Simon Lim, co-founder of KiddyTrack; Dr. Sim Yee Wai, managing director of KiddyTrack; and Sekar Shanmugam, general manager and head of corporate business, Maxis.

Malaysia's telco Maxis and local IT firm KiddyTrack have launched a 'first of its kind' solution to help Malaysian parents watch over their children remotely.

Powered by Maxis' managed machine-to-machine (M2M) technology together with KiddyTrack's child locator solution, which uses GPS (geographical positioning system by satellite) and GSM (global system for mobile communications), is designed to meet the needs of working parents, said Maxis general manager and head of corporate business, Sekar Shanmugam.

"KiddyTrack users can locate their children or loved ones by sending a simple SMS," said Shanmugam. "Within seconds of receiving the SMS, the system will provide users with a URL link of the Google map that shows the location, as accurately as up to five metres, of the child being tracked. When the GPS signal is unavailable, the cell-based information by Maxis' Managed M2M platform can provide the location of your child to an accuracy of a 50 metre radius."

He said family members could also monitor their children and loved ones via their mobile devices or computers by logging into the KiddyTrack web portal. In case of an emergency, the device can also alert up to five pre-installed numbers with just a press of the SOS button.

"The power of the solution lies in its ability to locate your loved ones at any given time, from anywhere," said Shanmugam. "The device and accompanying technology can not only be used to locate and track children but also to monitor the locations of the elderly, employees, pets, vehicles and certain valuables."


'Breakthrough insight'

"While exploring existing GPS devices, we had a breakthrough insight that a perfect child locator device would be one that people could access and interact with on their mobile phones," said KiddyTrack co-founder, Simon Lim. "Maxis was the only company that could provide us with solutions for cell-based locations in Malaysia. The company's strong support eventually led us to form this strategic partnership. We believe that businesses, like ours, that largely leverage on integrated communications technology, will definitely have a distinct advantage in terms of resource management and margins than those who use technology in more limited ways."

Maxis' Shanmugam said the company's Managed M2M Solutions comprise a telemetry or telematics service that provided seamless communication between devices or servers wirelessly via SMS, GPRS, 3G or Circuit Switch Dial-Up (CSD); requiring no user input.


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