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Microsoft announces extended Windows XP support in China -- or has it?

Woody Leonhard | March 4, 2014
Reports that Microsoft will support Windows XP in China after April 8 have been disputed by Microsoft

Seltzer is working with a different translation of the "secondly" paragraph, as provided by Microsoft:

Microsoft China has taken special actions to closely work with leading Chinese internet security and anti-virus companies including Tencent for them to provide security protection for Chinese Windows XP users before they upgrade to modern operating system.

That's some difference. In the original post, a native Chinese speaker would no doubt be inclined to believe that Microsoft was committing to "offer exclusive secure protection" beyond the April 8 cut-off date. In the Microsoft-supplied translation, a native English speaker would come to the conclusion that Microsoft's going to help Tencent continue to support its product — which, in this case, includes antivirus and antimalware software.

As Seltzer notes, that kind of help is no different from what will be happening in other countries. In particular, all of the major AV vendors in the United States will continue to provide XP updates, and they're all no doubt relying on Microsoft for some help. None of them are going to try to patch XP binaries.

Microsoft will continue to make patches for XP, but they'll only be available to Software Assurance licensees at a steep price — $200 to $400 additional per year per machine, depending on which source you believe. Aside from updates to the Microsoft Security Essentials signature files, which will continue until July 2015, Microsoft's 300 to 400 million XP customers — including, admittedly, a whole lotta pirates — are getting tossed to the zero-day dogs.

I can't say I've ever seen a company so hell-bent on cutting off its nose to spite its face.

Source: InfoWorld


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