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Microsoft tells federal CIOs mobile management is better with Windows 8

Kenneth Corbin | April 19, 2013
The lines between PCs, tablets and smartphones will continue to blur. In response to this shift, Microsoft is selling a vision of single-device management to public-sector IT workers and federal government CIOs.

"We want to ensure that a Windows Phone 8 device cannot easily be rooted or jailbroken," Bharadwaj says, suggesting that limiting the mobile OS to "specified and certified" devices "dramatically reduces the hardware-related security attack vectors."

In contrast, he suggests that jail breaking Android phones is actually "considered to be a feature," while the versions of Apple's iPhone, collectively, have been jailbroken in an average of 51 days, dismissing the viability of those devices in sensitive environments like the federal government. "Stay secure for 51days--good luck with that," Bharadwaj says.

Similarly, Myers recounts the frustration he has encountered among government customers who have grown tired of vendors "dangling shiny devices" in front of them that aren't integrated with other systems and applications, and would amount to a net addition to their IT budgets through an increased management burden that translates into higher operating expenses.

"Granulated technologies are not strategic anymore," Bharadwaj says. "We understand productivity. Office is a fully integrated suite."


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