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Microsoft Windows 8 versus OS X Mountain Lion

Karl Hodge | Oct. 30, 2012
Mortal frenemies Apple and Microsoft have been locked in battle since 1984, when the first Macintosh shipped. Apple has always been the innovator; the prestige developer with big ideas. Microsoft took care of the mundane side of the market, catering for enterprise and home, developing solid products that ran on a range of hardware.


Mac : 6

Windows : 6


14) Windows 8 verses OS X - Photos

Windows 8 ships with several apps. All feel like simplified, reduced versions of tools Microsoft used to ship with Windows. Messaging looks lovely, but offers less functionality than Windows Live Messenger. Mail seamlessly taps into any account you've configured to work with the OS, but offers less than Outlook Express.

So it is with Photos. On the plus side, it integrates with Flickr, Facebook and other online accounts so you can see all your images in one place. But that's all you can do. You can look at them, but you can't edit, crop or resize. That puts it several rungs below Preview, built into the OS - or the much maligned MS Paint.

iPhoto does everything Photos does, integrating with Facebook and Flickr, allowing you to share images by email or across your Apple devices. It also has editing capabilities built in. Win.

Photo Finish: Like many Windows 8 apps, Photos is almost too simple. It's OS X competitor iPhoto is one stop shop for gallery making and image editing.


Mac : 8

Windows : 5


15) Windows 8 verses OS X - Hardware Support

Here's a category that really tests the metal of Mac fans, because Windows is the clear winner. Built to run on a broad base of architectures and with support for a variety of devices, protocols and technologies, OS X can't compete with Windows 8.

The bottom line is this: OS X is a highly optimised operating system that's designed to run on Apple hardware and only on Apple hardware.

What's more, Apple has never been too bothered about supporting their older gear. It's well known that the company abandoned support for the Power PC architecture with OS X 10.5.8. It's less well known that Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8) won't run on some Intel Macs. Installation checks will stop you from even attempting to upgrade your pre-2009 Mac Mini or a Mac Pro made before 2008. Harsh.

Windows 8, on the other hand, not only caters for older PCs - Intel architecture based machines running as slow as 1Ghz - but there's even a 32 bit version. And there's the real irony. That 2006 Intel Mac Mini that won't run Lion? At a pinch it'll dual boot into Windows 8.

Why the big difference? Apple is in the hardware business. It sells computers, phones and tablets. Microsoft's main business is software and the more machines it runs on, the more it sells.


Mac : 5

Windows : 8


16) Windows 8 verses OS X - Shopping


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