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Missing Pieces: EA says it innovates 'too much,' final Halo 3 easter egg found, and other must-know gaming news

Hayden Dingman | July 14, 2014
It's time to strap on your digital boxing gloves--Evo, the massive annual fighting game tournament, is this weekend in Vegas. If you're not going, you can always watch the action on Twitch, or just sit inside and read about this week's video game news.

It's amazing it stayed hidden this long, what with the Internet's penchant for finding things that aren't supposed to be found.

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The biggest news of the week: Grim Fandango is returning to PC, officially.

Now that that's out of the way...Microsoft isn't giving up on the Xbox, the Kinect v2 gets a $200 price on Windows and a launch date, Flight Simulator is getting revived by the studio that makes Train Simulator, Oculus bought RakNet and announced a date for its upcoming VR conference, and the Amazon Fire TV makes for a shoddy gaming console.

We also have that preview of Epic's upcoming Fortnite and a review of the Digital Storm Vanquish II. And don't forget to hop on the awesome Humble 2K Bundle for deals on Specs Ops, BioShock, and more!


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