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Mobile business card reading apps comparison

Brian Jackson | Sept. 21, 2011
If you believe the technological vision of the future prophesized by some mobile advocates, business cards will soon be a thing of the past. Soon enough we'll all be swapping our contact information by zapping digital bits wirelessly through the air with some sort of slick gadget.

Using an iPhone to test, here's the results we got:

Intel Corp. business card

ABBYY Card Reader

Contact information can be corrected after capture from the image.


Name and title: Spot on. It even recognized the division of this contact's position from the address section of the card.

Phone numbers: Just fine, although there are unnecessary spaces between numbers. Would still dial fine in the iPhone.

E-mail: Nailed it.

Address: Perfect.

WorldCard Mobile

Name and title: Captured everything correctly, including division. Added both "Intel Corporation" and "intel" as separate fields though.

Phone numbers: Got these perfectly.

E-mail: Yes, got it.

Address: Nailed it.

SAP Canada Inc. business card

ABBYY Card Reader

Name and title: None of the French accents were captured, but otherwise fine.

Phone numbers: Got all four numbers right, formatted well, in the right fields.

E-mail: Got it.

Address: Misinterpreted "111" as "III" and put the suite number at the end, as though it were a zip code in the U.S.

WorldCard Mobile

Name and title: Also left out the French language accents.

Phone numbers: Captured all the numbers correctly, but labeled them all as "work" instead of identifying mobile and fax numbers.

E-mail: Captured correctly.

Address: Instead of "Montreal, PQ" and the zip code, just put "United States".

Immersion Digital LLC (Glo) business card (vertical orientation)

Business cards with vertical orientations can be tricky.


ABBYY Card Reader

Name and title: An "i" in the middle of the first name was input as "1".

Phone numbers: Got these fine.

E-mail: Almost, but not quite. Put a "t" in as the last letter instead of "l".

Address: Looks good.

WorldCard Mobile

Sometimes a capture doesn't go well at all.


Name and title: Misspelled the first name, got the last name fine, and put random letters in for title and company.

Phone numbers: Not captured.

E-mail: Not captured.

Address: Nope.

Note: After rotating the card 90 degrees and telling the app to "re-recognize" the information, all of the fields above magically appeared flawlessly.

Innovation Guelph business card

Lots of graphics and extra text can throw the apps off.


ABBYY Card Reader


Name and title: Fine on the name and position. But for the company, input text saying "Innovation Guelph is a member of".

Phone numbers: Nailed it.

E-mail: Yup, got it.

Address: Put the province, ON, ahead of the city, Guelph, in the address field.

WorldCard Mobile

Name and title: Name and position is fine, but put "Inn&tion" instead of "Innovation" as company title.

Phone numbers: Got these correctly.

E-mail: Only first part captured, left out second part.

Address: Perfect.


Name and title: Name and position are fine, but spelled company named as "COMMUN1@ECH".


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