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Mobile campaigns to be hot in 2012 presidential race

Matt Hamblen | Jan. 3, 2012
Social networks played an important role in the last U.S. presidential election, but the explosive growth in smartphone usage and the introduction of tablets since 2008 could make or break the candidates for president in 2012.

Below his comment is a tab to view a desktop version of the comments page, which takes the user back to a page that includes his comment and picture, but with other content on either side.

Dudley said mobile-optimized Web pages such as Obama's and will probably become more diverse and active in coming months. He predicted the candidates will try to outdo each other with functions and other ways to engage potential supporters.

In many ways, mobile apps, SMS and mobile Web browsing are far more intimate experiences for users than reading a candidate's website on a desktop, or watching a campaign ad on TV or listening to one on the radio, analysts noted. As such, candidates may have a stronger means of making a connection to a voter than ever before.

Computerworld reached out to the campaigns of Obama, Romney and Gingrich about their mobile campaign strategies, but none responded.

Dudley said it is still early in the campaign season to see many fully developed mobile campaign tactics, but he expects the savviest candidates will fire up their mobile campaign skills by the spring. "You'll see a lot of mobile campaigning," he said.



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