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Mobile charging goes green

Nurdianah Md Nur | July 29, 2013
STMicroelectronics’ new USB charger emulators feature patented attach-detection feature and charge-termination capability to make mobile charging more eco-friendly.

STMicroelectronics (ST) has announced that its latest PC USB chips will make mobile charging friendlier for the environment.

According to ST, the new USB charger emulators STCC5011 and STCC5021 will help save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by enabling users to charge mobile devices from a USB port even when the computer is in  "sleep" mode.

STMicroelectronics USB charger

Using ST's patented attach-detection feature that operates when the PC is asleep, these charger emulators can sense connected devices and in turn activate the PC's power supply for charging. When charging is complete, the power supply is returned to its rest state, thereby saving energy.

Besides that, ST's charger emulators only consume 1/16 of the power that other charger emulators do when the USB port is active and waiting for a device to be connected for charging.

Both chips also feature circuitry to avoid draining the PC's battery power excessively, allowing users to safely charge their devices while using the PC on battery power alone.

The STCC5011 has a 1A charge-current limit suitable for iPods and iPhones. The STCC5021 has a limit of 2A for charging iPads, iPods and iPhones.

Both charger emulators are compatible with the USB battery charging standard BC1.2, USB2.0, USB3.0, and Chinese telecommunications standard YD/T 1591-2009, which mandates use of USB charging to reduce electronic waste and protect the environment.

They are also compatible with proprietary chargers such as those from BlackBerry and Apple.


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