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Mobility Shows the Way Forward in 2013

Eric Ernest | Jan. 21, 2013
If you're one of those organizations that don't believe in the power of mobility, chances are you'll soon be termed as outdated. Because if you turn a blind eye to the potential of mobility--despite BYOD, consumerization of IT and its cousins that have stirred up a revolution--your competition will get the better of you.

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The advent of mobility will force companies to devise new IT security policies. In fact, this is one the main challenges CIOs think they will face when implementing a mobility solution.

JK Tyres' Sharma considers securing data as one of the challenges he will come across in deploying his mobility solution. But he is planning to put some controls in place. "Once we make the solution available, whatever applications which need to be accessed, will be accessed through the cloud. The salesforce will see the required information, but they won't be able to edit that information," he says.

ITC's Rao stresses on the importance of creating relevant IT security policies when it comes to implementing a mobility solution. He states that the mobile platform is one in which organizations don't have much control over who's using what and that's why information security attains top priority status. He addressed the security problem by implementing certain control methods whereby the data on the mobile device is only available for a certain amount of time after which it automatically gets erased.

Another challenge in implementing a mobility solution is the wide variety of device types--smartphones, tablets, mini-tablets--and supported OS types--Android, Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft--that are available in the mobile market. So when launching a mobile app, CIOs have to be aware of whether they will be implementing a solution that is aimed at a specific type of device or at a specific type of OS.

CIOs have taken different approaches to address this issue. Rao has gone about implementing his mobility app aimed at only one smartphone segment. On the other hand, Venkatakrishnan states that once his mobility solution is completely implemented, it can be accessed through all mobile devices and OSes.

Call Forward

Looking at the advantages that organizations have reaped or hope to leverage, it's easy to see that mobility isn't just a stylish trend to implement. It actually delivers solid business value, be it in terms of increasing productivity or improving customer engagement.

So when mobility comes calling at your doorstep, don't turn away. It's a call you don't want to miss.


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