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Next-level SDS now available in Asia, says ProphetStor

AvantiKumar | April 10, 2014
Malaysian Simon Ng, who is ProphetStor Data Service's South Asia director, said Malaysia and Singapore are progressive IT adopters and a good match with Federator SDS 2.0.

Eric Chen, ProphetStor 

Photo - Eric Chen, CEO, ProphetStor


ProphetStor Data Services [ProphetStor] has announced the availability of Federator SDS 2.0, which helps to offer the next-level of SDS for cloud computing, big data analytics. HPC, OpenStack and other applications requiring storage, said the software-defined storage (SDS) specialist.

Malaysian Simon Ng, who is ProphetStor's South Asia director said the region will welcome this 'vendor-agnostic SDS solution, which offers elastic management and reduced storage costs for enterprises.'

"Malaysia and Singapore are progressive countries in their IT adoption, and we see these regional strategic providers as a very good match with the horizontal and elastic storage orchestration of existing storage silos that Federator brings to the table, to create an enterprise grade scale-out storage infrastructure," said Ng.

During the global announcement, ProphetStor chief executive officer Eric Chen said that new generations of applications and virtual infrastructures, as well as the 3V's of big data (volume, variety, and velocity), are demanding more cost-effective and innovative forms of storage provisioning. 

Chen said that such rise in demand has multiplied the complexity facing data centre Managers across the industry with their existing mixed storage environment, with solutions from conventional providers not completely addressing this challenge.

He said Federator SDS is 'designed to meet the needs of this new wave of users and revolutionize SDS for heterogeneous storage data centre environments through the orchestration of existing storage silos and commodity hardware into an enterprise grade scale-out storage infrastructure.'

 Storage management through single plane of glass

Chen said Federator SDS makes it possible for data centre administrators to manage storage resources from different vendors with a single pane of glass, and classify and abstract them into virtual pools that can be provisioned automatically.

This allows IT managers the ability to manage legacy storage systems, and add storage with enterprise-grade features and performance while keeping their spending in line with their budgets, he said.

Federator SDS consists of storage orchestration and storage hypervisor core components, said Chen. "The orchestration functions allow different storage to offer storage services based on performance service-level, amongst other storage service offerings available in the 2.0 release." 

"A storage hypervisor can mean old storage virtualization technology cobbled together to accommodate commodity hardware. Not so now," he said. "With the introduction of storage management orchestration, Federator SDS successfully debunks the myth of a storage hypervisor equalling SDS and unlocks the true value of SDS software. The simplicity of Federator SDS allows servers and critical applications the access to their targeted storage on a direct path, while adding the much needed management functions for users."

"Software-defined storage solutions offered by many vendors are often spot-solutions or solutions unique to that vendor," said Chen.  "ProphetStor is setting a precedent with Federator SDS to unveil the next level Software-Define Storage that is generally available today. The horizontal management provided by the Federator SDS breaks the barriers created by the vertical silos from different vendors."

"For the first time, the customers are relieved from understanding different storage managements and platforms, and can focus more on meeting the requirements from various applications and/or users," he said. "And better resource utilization translates into efficiency and better return on investment (ROI) for customers."

Key features in Federator SDS include:

  • Storage orchestration with centralized management for administrators and users
  • Non-disruptive deployment without changing the existing storage configurations
  • Automatic discovery of storage systems and abstraction of physical resources into virtual pools
  • Storage pool classification by capabilities and performance
  • Automated storage provisioning for self-service
  • Dynamic monitoring and scheduling of resources for delivery of storage requests to meet the application requirement
  • Deployment in an independent IT environment or with OpenStack
  • Support for storage from different vendors
  • Open HTTP REST storage and management API's for easy integration with other applications

A complimentary trial of ProphetStor Federator is available at ProphetStor's website, said Chen.


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