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Nod is a gesture-control ring that aims to make your finger the ultimate input device

Jon Phillips | April 30, 2014
It takes a lot of bravery--or possibly even hubris--to explore a new form factor in the wearables space when smartwatches, fitness trackers, and smartglasses remain so utterly unproven on their own. Yet on Tuesday Nod Labs announced Nod, a sensor-packed, Bluetooth-connected ring that says, in effect, "We're coming for your fingers too."

Elangovan also notes that Nod Labs is pursuing traditional, heavyweight venture capital instead of crowd funding. Finally, Nod Labs' 15-member team is packed with big-brain talent who've worked at Google, Apple, Facebook, Samsung, and even NASA.

Still, when we look at alarming user attrition rates for fitness wristbands, devastating reviews of smartwatches, and a steady torrent of criticism focused on Google Glass, we have to wonder if a product like Nod is launching too early in the greater story arch of wearable tech. It's a question that Elangovan is ready to acknowledge, but it doesn't give him pause for concern

"From a business standpoint, it may or may not be too early. That remains to be seen," Elangovan says. "But if Xerox didn't invent the GUI and the mouse, and decided to wait, that wouldn't have been good for anyone. We want to discover the market, and if the market emerges later on, we'll be there later on."

The Nod is available for pre-order today on


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