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NVidia looking at 3D Rendering-as-a-Service?

Allan Swann | Sept. 24, 2014
NVidia has released its new Quadro range of enterprise graphics cards, and they offer offsite 3D rendering via the Cloud for industrial applications. While only hybrid or private Cloud at this stage, logic would dictate that NVidia would provide rendering as a service in the future, opening up a new market.

In future NVidia hopes to do full on-demand rendering, and real-time simulations such as fluid dynamics, which are extremely computer intensive.

When asked if NVidia is preparing to launch a public Cloud of rendering, from its own datacentres, the Gupte would not be drawn.

"We have no plans to offer our own racks, yet. In the future who knows?" Gupte said.

Logic would dictate NVidia does this as some point - once they've figured out how to balance cannibalisation of its hardware sales. Its too convenient, and makes too much sense - especially given that this demo effectively proves it is possible.


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