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Oculus fallout proves nobody understands what Kickstarter truly does: Fund hope

Brad Chacos | March 27, 2014
The whining began mere moments after Facebook announced it was gobbling up Oculus Rift for a whopping $2 billion, enthralled by the Rift's potential for non-gaming applications.

Oculus also lit a fire in the world of technology. Beyond the Rift, hordes of other start-ups are building VR interpretations of their own, often with very different takes than Oculus. Heck, even Sony is building a VR headset for the PlayStation 4 with Project Morpheus.

That is the true success of the Oculus Kickstarter campaign: Imagination literally given (digital) flesh, an idea that spread like a virus and could one day help the injured heal, teachers open minds, and journalists drop you into the scene of triumphs and tragedy.

No, Kickstarter is not a store or an investment house, despite what so many seem to think. It's so much more: an incubator for dreams. The Oculus Rift is a paladin for that potential, regardless of what you think of Facebook's multi-billion buyout.


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