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Oculus Rift 'Crescent Bay' prototype hands-on: A VR alien waved at me and I waved back

Hayden Dingman | Sept. 23, 2014
We don't really like to swear on this site. By and large PCWorld is a family-friendly affair. Which is a shame, because at Oculus Connect on Saturday I got hands-on time with Crescent Bay, the latest internal Oculus Rift prototype and most likely the last stepping stone before the consumer Rift.

Bottom line

It's impressive, though. To think that we've gone from DK1 to Crescent Bay in approximately two years...well, it's mind-blowing. Still, the main problem for Oculus at this point is to release a product. Hopefully our current indications are correct and this is at long last the final step before a consumer rift release.

Because they've already made me a believer. Hell, I was a believer after I used a DK1 for the first time. Now the only challenge is to get you to believe too.


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