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Oracle renumbers Java patch updates, confuses users even more

Gregg Keizer | May 17, 2013
New numbering scheme necessary to take into account increase in zero-day patches.

Oracle said the numbering revamp was "a compromise," but that it had a more permanent solution in mind that would be implemented down the road.

"A more elegant solution requires changing the version format of the JDK to accommodate multiple types of releases. To avoid incompatibilities with existing code however, a change in the version string format needs to be implemented on a future major Java release and will have to be documented and communicated with adequate time to allow software developers to prepare for the change," Oracle said.

Storms, however, said that while the recent change would have to be picked up by developers, and IT administrators should be aware of them, end users could simply ignore the noise. "Developers need to know this," Storms said, "but end users should just have auto-updates turned on."

"At some point, it will be nice if [the updates] were numbered in a more human-readable format," Storms added.


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