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Organize (almost) every aspect of your life with these seven apps

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | March 28, 2014
Generic calendar apps are mostly useful for two things: Meetings--including appointments and conference calls--and birthday or holiday reminders. But have you ever tried to use a basic calendar app to create a workout plan or organize your travel itinerary?

Finances: Manilla

Keep your finances in order with Manilla (Free; Android and iOS), an app that organizes your financial information and various accounts in one place. Manilla tracks everything from household bills — such as cable, Internet, and cell phone service — to rewards accounts, such as airline miles and hotel points.

Because it's a financial planning app, Manilla requires some initial setup. To get started with the app, you'll have to create an account and then link your credit cards, household bills, travel and rewards accounts, subscriptions (such as Netflix), and health and wellness accounts (including your insurance provider, like Cigna, for example). Linking your various accounts can be a chore, because you must sign into each secure account before they can be linked.

Once you've finished linking accounts, Manilla is an excellent planning app. It keeps you on top of bills, expiring rewards miles, and lapsing subscriptions with its reminders; pulls documents, like your credit card statements; and lets you share accounts with friends and family. 

Car maintenance: aCar and Auto Care Free

Quick, when's the last time you got your oil changed? If you're not sure, I can't say I blame you — it's hard to keep track of car maintenance, especially if you have multiple cars. But staying on top of vehicle maintenance has definite benefits: It keeps your car running smoothly and reliably, and can prevent costly repairs.

Instead of relying on your memory, or the transparent sticker that shops put on your windshield after each oil change, use an app such as aCar (Free; Android) or Auto Care Free (Free; iOS). aCar and Auto Care Free are car management apps that help you track your vehicles' mileage, fuel economy, and maintenance, so you always know when your car needs to go back in the shop. Both apps let you add multiple vehicles and manually log mileage, maintenance, fill-ups, and trips, and both apps also lets you set service reminders (monthly or mileage-based).

Although neither app is automatic — both require manual input of most data, which can be a hassle — the inconvenience is worth it to find out just how much your car is actually costing you year over year.

Family calendars: Cozi

Keeping track of multiple family members' schedules is no longer a headache thanks to Cozi (Free; Android and iOS). Originally just a website, Cozi is an organizing tool with several neat features, including a color-coded calendar that lets you view individual's schedules (or the entire family's schedules at once).

Each family member has his or her own Cozi account, which is connected to each person's individual email address. (Young kids don't need their own account or email address — parents can log calendar events for their children.) Each person has access to a shared family password, which controls the family account. A family's Cozi account features individual and family calendars, shared shopping lists and to do lists, meal planning and recipe storage, and a family journal. From the app, family members can update schedules, shopping and to do lists, and capture moments for the journal, as well as receive reminders and notifications about upcoming events.


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