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Past tense: All about the Apple Watch failure

The Macalope | July 3, 2015
The moment you've been waiting for is over.

Why wouldn't he dissemble like this? There's no cost to him, quite the contrary. His client list is, to a knock-off MacBook Air look-alike vendor, a list of Apple competitors. He's also made being an anti-Apple buffoon into a cottage industry and it still gets him quoted by major publications. That's why the Macalope keeps pointing out his act. Not because he keeps writing for TechZone360, but because he gets called by lazy reporters looking for a "contrary" opinion.

We are literally two sentences into this piece and the Macalope can't even go on. Look how much we've aged since we started reading it. You, particularly. You've put on weight. And those mutton chops you grew during those two sentences aren't doing you any favors. What's the point of going on, anyway? Rob doesn't take this seriously, why should we?


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