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Philippines’ Metrobank Card Corp. to deploy Experian’s applications

Ike Suarez | May 22, 2014
Provider of payment solution seeks replacement of legacy system for strengthened customer acquisition and collection management.

The Philippine-based Metrobank Card Corp. will deploy Eperian's PowerCurve and Origination applications as it bids to further boost its position in that country's market for the provision of payment solution services.

A press statement by the Dublin-based information services company said the applications will form part of Metrobank Card Corp's thrust to replace its existing legacy system for customer acquisitions and credit collections.

The updating is being done to address costs, speed up customer acquisitions and provide consistent services through different channels.


The deployment is the result of Metrobank Card Corp.'s having recently signed  a five-year-contract with Experian, according to the press statement.

The contract signing comes at a time when increasing numbers of observers perceive the Philippine economy as among the world's hottest emerging markets.

The press statement claimed that implementation of Originations and Tallyman will enable Metrobank to easily access, refine and maximize use of its customer data in a flexible and agile environment.

Originations will provide for it an analytics-based approach with regard to viewing prospective customers and effectively managing credit risks.

On the other hand, the Tallyman application will enable Metrobank Card Corp. to streamline collection and work stream processes to bring about significant reductions  in bad debts and their corresponding costs.

Metrobank Card Corp. was founded in 1986 when it introduced Unicard, a single currency credit card accepted in key establishments in the Philippines.

Over the years, it evolved into an internationally recognized credit card when it rode on the Mastercard scheme in 1994 and Visa card scheme in 1998.

On the other hand, Experian has a presence in 40 countries.


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