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Plug me in if you want to save: MetroMile thwarts street-cleaning tickets

Jon L. Jacobi | April 22, 2014
Having parked on the streets of San Francisco for nearly 30 years, I've developed a sixth sense about when I need to move my car. That, plus about five different devices yapping at me that it's time to move my vehicle, have spared me the pain of a $60 penalty (up from a mere $10 or $12 when I first arrived in 1985).

The biggest issue with the street-cleaning notifications is the lag between your actions and MetroMile's server processing. If you pull into a spot 10 minutes before it's due to be cleaned, chances are MetroMile won't notify you in time. Don't laugh about that scenario — I see it regularly and have done it once or twice myself. People get distracted. With some of the lag times I've seen with MetroMile, even pulling into a spot an hour before street cleaning might not trigger a notification in time.

Laggy or not, the notifications are handy and could save you money. They're also a harbinger of other cool things OBD-II and broadband might do for you. MetroMile's biggest possible benefit — the pay-per-mile insurance — isn't available in California yet, but of course, it's in MetroMile's interest to build an installed base of Metronome users in preparation for that golden day. For now, you can get a device and an account for free. If I were you and lived in a MetroMile-served area, especially San Francisco or Chicago, I'd check it out.


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