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Poll claims Apple Maps a hit, analysis says otherwise, and Microsoft sues over Google Maps

Karen Haslam | Oct. 15, 2012
Survey says Apple Maps a hit, but research suggests otherwise... However, Google Maps days may be numbered as Microsoft sues

Conflicting report today with one survey suggesting that people might not be as disappointed with Apple Maps as thought, while research into Apple's online reputation following the launch of iOS 6 suggests that there was a lot of animosity towards the move from Google Maps to Apple Maps.

Our own poll found that 60.5% were unhappy with Apple's attempt at making a Maps app, with nearly 20% of people holding off updating because they didn't want to face life without Google Maps.

However, Google Maps days may be numbered - Microsoft is suing Google, claiming Google's mapping services infringe on a patent dating back to 1995.

Map happy

A ChangeWave Research survey found that nine in 10 survey respondents hadn't experienced a problem with the new mapping software, while 3% said they experienced a "very big problem" with the service.

The research firm claimed: "Simply put, Apple Maps is not considered a problem by the overwhelming majority of users." The research firm claimed that among respondents who said they were unlikely to buy an iPhone 5, none cited Apple's new maps technology as their reason.

ChangeWave claimed that nearly a third of respondents said they were very likely or somewhat likely to buy Apple's new iPhone 5, up from 21.5% who said they were likely to buy the device's predecessor, the iPhone 4S, in surveys conducted last year.

ChangeWave has drawn comparisons with the antannagate issues with the iPhone 4. According to the researchers, surveys back then showed 7% of iPhone 4 owners found the antenna issue "a very big problem", while two-thirds claimed they hadn't experienced any issues.

The research firm also claimed that the Lightning connector is less of an issue than the reaction on the web would suggest, with 6% of iPhone 5 purchasers saying they considered the new cords to be a "very big problem", and 31% claiming it is somewhat of a problem.

According to a separate survey of 168 people, 74% are happy with the new Apple Maps app. The survey indicates that over half (50.7%) of current users of the new app were not affected at all by the app. Just over a fifth, 23.3% said the app was good enough. Another 17.2% said it was annoying, and 5.6% said it might affect future buying decisions. Leaving 3.2%, who indicated that the Map App would definitely prevent them from buying another iPhone in the future.

Due to the small data group the results don't necessary endorse Apple's new Maps app.

On the other hand, in our poll of 2,242 people 43% answered: "I hate it! Bring back Google Maps". Another 17.5% weren't happy that "It's full of mistakes, sort it out Apple!"


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