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Popcorn Time transforms movie torrents into Netflix

Ian Paul | March 11, 2014
With the iTunes Music Store, Apple proved that you could compete with piracy by offering a better product, but what happens when the pirates up their game? That's what online video providers may soon be asking thanks to Popcorn Time, a new app for streaming movies from torrent files.

As Popcorn Time continues it will inevitably have to deal with Hollywood and potential shutdowns. Popcorn Time has a public website and exists as an open source project on GitHub, albeit without a public members list. It's only a matter of time until the lawyers start trying to shut the service down.

Whether the lawyers will be successful is another matter. Popcorn Time has about 20 developers working on it from all over the world, according to a Torrent Freak interview with Popcorn Time creator "Sebastian."

Sebastian, who says he hails from Argentina, figures he'll be safe from the long arm of Hollywood. "We don't host anything...There are no ads...or anything like that. It's an experiment to learn and share," he told Torrent Freak.

Popcorn Time may be not have any revenue, but it's unlikely the same industry that sues individual file sharers is going to tolerate this experiment for too long, great idea or no.


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