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Q&A: Taking advantage of a hyperconnected world

Zafar Anjum | July 31, 2013
CMOs and CIOs should work together to take advantage of a market that is rapidly evolving as business models become disrupted, says Brad Rinklin, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Akamai.

Akamai solutions are designed around the way CMOs and CIOs conduct business. Our comprehensive set of solutions, which can positively impact the Web user experience, cloud application performance, Web security, and media delivery, are built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform, providing the agility and visibility that organisations need to manage their business through one unified and customisable interface - Luna Control Center.

The Akamai Intelligent Platform is constantly monitoring Web conditions to:

  • Identify, absorb, and block security threats
  • Provide instant device-level detection and optimisation
  • Make decisions based on comprehensive knowledge of network conditions
  • Present unprecedented business and technical insight

Our Internet experts and customer support personnel serves as an extension to the organisation's own team, helping to get it up and running with ease and to inspire innovation as online strategies evolve.

How does your approach in this area differ from others?

Akamai manages up to as much as 30 percent of the daily Web traffic and we pride ourselves upon being the world's largest on-demand, distributed computing platform for delivering secure, highly performing user experiences to any device, anywhere. Our approach and expertise lie in combining global scope with constant data collection to construct an accurate and comprehensive picture of what's happening on the Internet.

For example, our Aqua Web Experience solutions can apply automatic optimisations based on end-users specific situational requirements. The solution applies intelligence to match the needs of the request, and provide the best possible experience on a mobile device for that situation.

As websites become richer and more complex, with more computing requirements built into a single page, new performance bottlenecks are emerging on the mobile device. Akamai's front-end optimisation solution addresses these performance challenges by reducing the number of requests required to load a page, reducing the size of each request, and allowing pages to render faster on the mobile device.






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