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RIM execs dish details on BlackBerry 10, BES 10 and the enterprise

Al Sacco | Oct. 2, 2012
Despite shrinking U.S. mobile market share and an ongoing loss of consumer confidence in the company, BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) is still putting the enterprise first.

BES 10 also makes it extremely simple to connect BlackBerry 10 devices to corporate resources, according to Holleran.

"To activate an enterprise device with BlackBerry 10 you'll just need the email address and the activation password, and it goes through the exact same workflow as an end user putting in, say, their Gmail or Yahoo Account," says Holleran.

"When you put the e-mail address in, the device will make a call up to our infrastructure, and it will return one of two data sets. If it's a consumer-based email it will send all of those settings down. If you've ever configured Outlook or any email client to talk to Gmail, for example, every time I do that, I've got to go out and Google, 'What are the ports? What are the server names?' We provide all that information back down to the user that is putting that information in."

If it's an enterprise account, adds Holleran, when the user sets that activation password, or the enterprise sets it for them, BES 10 sends the email address, the server to connect it to and timeout of that password up to the company's infrastructure. The device does the rest, he says.

Check out this video for more details on BlackBerry 10 device activation and BlackBerry Balance.

BlackBerry 10 and Enterprise App World

Corporate BlackBerry 10 users will have access to an enterprise-specific version of RIM's BlackBerry App World software shop, called Enterprise App World

"With Enterprise App World, you will have a couple of options for delivering an application out to an enterprise," Holleran says. "The first one is that [organizations] actually get the application from you [the developer] and they host it behind their firewall as a part of BES 10. They then have the ability to denote that application as optional or mandatory and deliver it to their users' devices or have it available for the end-user to choose as something they may want to download and put on their device.

"The second thing that we've done there is connected up what we would consider a whitelisted version of App World. So as an administrator, I can browse the public App World catalogue and select applications and decide that I'd like those to be available to my enterprise users. And when you put them into Enterprise App World, it will actually install them into that [corporate] workspace on the device."

Enterprise App World will be available as part of BES 10.

BlackBerry Jam Enterprise Edition

The BlackBerry Jam Americas event -- as well as all of RIM's additional Jam developer sessions the company held around the world during the past months -- was geared at all BlackBerry developers. But being an enterprise-focused company, RIM wants to hold a developer event especially for corporate developers. So RIM's Gregg Ostrowski, who is in charge of enterprise developer relations, came up with the idea of a BlackBerry Jam for Enterprise event.


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