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Scammers move from Ebola phishing to fundraising

Maria Korolov | Nov. 19, 2014
No topic is too taboo for criminals.

There are also 130 Ebola-related campaigns on, nearly 50 campaigns on, and 40 on

Late last month, the Better Business Bureau warned against Ebola-related scam fundraisers, specifically pointing to a page on GoFundMe to raise money for a Dallas nurse infected with the disease -- a campaign that was not authorized by anyone from her family.

The Bureau recommended that donors take time to investigate a charity before making an online donation or donate directly to a reputable charity or individuals whom they already know.

The Bureau also has a website,, where donors can go to check whether a particular charity is legitimate.

However, although some of the crowdfunding campaign sites said they were raising money on behalf of legitimately, big-name organizations, for most of these there would be no way for the donors to know how much of their money was actually passed along to the legitimate charities.


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