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Security Manager's Journal: Target breach unleashes fresh scams

J.F. Rice | Jan. 7, 2014
Scammers are nothing if not innovative. It just goes to show that the best defense is an educated workforce.

I've even heard of actual letters being sent to Target victims with instructions on how to relinquish their personal data. While I haven't seen an example of this myself, I can imagine the letters look a lot like the email scams but with a phone number to call, probably resulting in the same kind of computer takeover that happened to the victim I just described.

The boldness of some of these scammers boggles my mind. No longer are they hiding behind the apparent anonymity of the Internet. By contacting victims directly, person to person, the scammers are showing more confidence and less concern that they will be caught. I think the bolder ones are from countries that don't have strict law enforcement, so they think they can get away with this behavior. Let's hope their confidence is misplaced.

In any case, the holidays are more than just a time for celebration and fellowship. In this digital age, they are also a time to be wary.


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