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Separated at birth: Why Apple won't merge OS X and iOS

Marco Tabini | Feb. 17, 2014
Should Apple merge its two flagship operating systems into a single product? Not so fast, says contributor Marco Tabini.

Tim Cook, however, has proven to be much less sibylline than his predecessor and, while he's still only revealing the cards he wants us to see, he has generally chosen to be more forthcoming about what motivates his team. For example, he told the Wall Street Journal that the reason why the company doesn't sell a bigger iPhone is that the hardware components required to make one are simply not up to the company's standards—at least, not right now. 

For all these reasons, it seems to me that Apple is likely to continue moving farther away from an integrated user experience. iOS and OS X will continue to share those components that are beneficial to both platforms, and grow apart where specialization results in a better user experience. Instead of a Jetsonesque dock that magically transforms tablets into desktops, I expect that Cupertino's engineers will focus on creating technologies, like more powerful hardware and better data synchronization (or, you know, synchronization that actually works) that make jumping between platforms as seamless as possible.

That heralds a future in which each device provides a perfectly-tuned mix of functionality that fulfills its role without compromise—and that sounds great to me as both a developer and a user.


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