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Should you outsource your project management?

Moira Alexander | June 2, 2015
Evaluating whether or not to outsource your company’s project management functions can be challenging. Before making this potentially risky leap, you have to assess if this is a good move for your business, keeping in mind that what works for your business today may not work in the future.

Reliability and accountability. When outsourcing a project management function, ensuring the outsourced vendor or PM is fully committed to all aspects of the project is key. Outsourced PMs are not internal stakeholders, and they are not impacted by the business outcomes of the project; therefore, it is critical to ensure reliability. Clearly defining and setting expectations and goals is critical to the successful completion of any project. You may event want to consider linking pay to performance, as well as addressing professional conduct, ethical behavior, time commitments, scope and other factors into any agreement.

Also consider your company culture when making the decision to outsource project management. Does your organization outsource any other critical roles or functions? Is there already a healthy balance of onsite and offsite employees that are used to working on virtual teams? Take a close look at your internal company culture to gauge if employees will be receptive to working with an external PMO.

What options are available, and will they work for your business?

There are many vendors offering outsourced project management expertise. Finding the right one for your specific project(s), whether based on the project size, complexity, nature, duration or even your type of business can be challenging. Ensuring the vendor has the expertise and resources and understands your needs and expectations is crucial to the success of your projects.

When evaluating your options, one thing should be clear: Make sure the decision fits your company culture and that outsourcing allows all project outcomes to effectively align with the business goals and strategic objectives. Also, keep in mind what works for your unique business today may need to be re-evaluated in the future as both the internal and external business environment evolve.


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