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Six ways Apple can take the iPad 3 to the next level

Tony Bradley | Feb. 16, 2012
There's always some sort of wild speculation floating around about what to expect next from Apple. But, there also comes a point in time where the rumors start to validate each other and reach a critical mass that indicates there may be more than a little truth to them. We've reached that stage with the Apple iPad 3 rumor mill.

There also continue to be rumors that Apple is working on a smaller 7 or 8-inch model. If Apple were to come out with a 7-inch model of the iPad and price it aggressively in the sub-$300 range, it might take the wind out the sails of the Kindle Fire, and present a significant challenge for tablets like the BlackBerry PlayBook or Samsung Galaxy Tab that cost as much as the larger iPad.

Of course, it is also possible that all of the rumors and speculation are wrong, and Apple won't launch a next generation iPad until late 2012 sometime. Who knows? Whenever the iPad 3 comes along, though, I will keep my fingers crossed that these features and capabilities will be included.


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