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Smartphones a must-have accessory in Hong Kong

Anuradha Shukla | Sept. 1, 2011
Findings from Google survey of mobile Internet and market trends for Hong Kong and Asia Pacific.

Smartphones have become a must-have accessory in Hong Kong, according to a newly released Google survey of mobile internet and market trends for Hong Kong and Asia Pacific.

Findings of the survey indicate that about 35 percent of all mobile phone users in Hong Kong use smartphones and, of these, 63 percent are first-time smartphone owners.

Sixty-three percent of smartphone users in Hong Kong use their devices mostly at home and 56 percent use their devices at work over the period of seven days.

People in Hong Kong also use other multimedia apps and functions while using their smartphones. Fifty-four percent said they listen to music on their smartphones and 41 percent watch television programmes on these devices.

Twenty-seven percent read books, 26 percent watch movies and 19 percent play video games on their smartphones.

Mobile opportunities in Hong Kong

Smartphone is today touching every aspect of our daily lives and this has presented several mobile opportunities for advertisers, businesses, and developers in Hong Kong.

Twenty-six percent of smartphone users in Hong Kong notice mobile ads all the time or most of the time and 78 percent have previously noticed mobile ads on their smartphones.

Forty-seven percent of users notice mobile ads mostly while they are on search engines via their phones and 25 percent of users visited the website of the advertiser after noticing the mobile ads.

The survey also showed that 23 percent of users have used their smartphones to make online purchases and 14 percent use their smartphones to compare or learn about products before buying them.

Also, 33 percent said that they are keen on making an online purchase using their smartphones.


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