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Solving OS X problems: Finding old utilities, removing a partition, and migrating data

Glenn Fleishman | July 7, 2015
This week, Glenn answers questions about deauthorizing software, reinstalling AirPort Utility, managing a Fusion drive, and Migration Assistant.

This week, Mac 911 focuses on OS X and things that are missing or migrating. I answer questions about deauthorizing software on a Mac before a migration, where to find old Wi-Fi utility software and firmware, deleting a Fusion drive's extra partition, and a small array of Migration Assistant questions.

Deauthorizing OS X software before a transition

Philip Shook asks:

Is there a place on OS X Yosemite to find programs that are currently authorized on my Mac? I am specifically interested in those that must be deauthorized before moving to a new device. I'm already aware iTunes must be.

As Philip notes, iTunes lets you deauthorize a computer. (Account > Deauthorize This Computer.) That frees up a slot in the total count of five computers you can use the same music and videos on with the same iTunes account.

For general software, if it's purchased from the Mac App Store, there's no requirement to deauthorize. As Jason Snell wrote in 2011 when the Mac App Store appeared, there's no limit on the number of Macs using the same Apple ID that can use software purchased using that Apple ID.

Some individual software packages handle this differently. If you use Adobe software, particularly its Creative Cloud suite, you have a limit as to the number of Macs for which you can be authorized at once. It's best to use the built-in tool to disconnect before switching to a new computer. In Creative Cloud, click its menu bar icon or bring up its window, click the gear (Settings) icon, choose Preferences, and click Sign Out.

If you own any other professional software packages, it's worth checking their policies individually, but for any software that has to check in with an Internet server to validate it can be used, you can almost always use a website or the software itself to disable its use on other computers.

Where did AirPort Utility go?

Silvain Gilbert writes:

I have a 13-inch laptop at home using previous AirPort Utility software. I lost it by using "clean my Mac" software. How do I restore the lost program?

Apple updated its AirPort Utility from version 5, which runs on pre-Lion Macs, to version 6 in 2012. Version 5 also ran on Lion and, if memory serves, Mountain Lion. If you're running an older version of OS X, you may need version 5.5.3 or 5.6.1.

Although Apple doesn't make most of its utility software available separately--you have to reinstall OS X or copy an application from another Mac--it does have the entire history of AirPort firmware and utility software available for download. You can sort through that page to find the appropriate version. Click Load More Results at the bottom if you don't see the version you need.


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