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South Korean startup wins Seedstars World 2013 competition in Geneva

Zafar Anjum | Feb. 13, 2014
Flitto is developer of crowdsourcing translation app

Flitto, the South Korean startup and developer of a translation app that harnesses crowdsourcing  from participants the world over is winner of the recently-concluded Seedstars World 2013 in Geneva.

The Swiss VC Funder, Seedstars SA organised the global startup competition and this will henceforth be an annual undertaking in the succeeding years.

As holder of the title, "Seedstars World Best Startup 2013", it bested four other finalist startups based in Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil and Australia respectively.

Flitto currently has over three million users from 170 countries and has over 800,000 volunteer translators.

Emerging Markets

The competition involved contestants from the world's emerging markets with regional elimination rounds taking place in 20 cities around the globe.

Each of the 20 regional winners then took part in an intensive and extensive technopreneurial boot camp early this 2014 at the Swiss technical university, Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Laussane.

The finals took place in Geneva the following day, February 4 as part of the innovation and technology conference, LIFT.

The finalists-Flitto, Retail Tower, SimplePay ,Kudo and Jayride-competed for a trophy and up to US 500,000 in equity funding.

A press statement by Seedstars World organisers said the judges chose Filtto because of its potential for massive scalability in global markets and its innovativeness.

But the statement added all participants showcased excellent innovations, making it difficult for judges to choose the winner.

Ghana's Retail Tower presented its B2B programme for small and medium online merchants to promote their products and drive traffic to online destination sites.

Nigeria's Simple Pay presented its secure online payment services for online payments processing.

Barzil's Kudo presented its application developed by language learning experts, teachers and animators that teaches children foreign languages.

Australia's Jayride presented its online marketplace for land passenger transport that aggregates and books transport with private suppliers.

Seedstars 2014 will have regional eliminations in 30 cities worldwide and will take place for a period of nine months this year, according to the press statement.



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