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SSD prices face uncertain future in 2014

Mark Hachman | Jan. 20, 2014
Technology advances fail to budge SSD buyers from trying to paying as little as they can for the most storage possible. But SSD pricing for 2014 is uncertain. Here's why.

Plextor will manufacture the drive in capacities of up to 512GB this spring. Pricing has not been undisclosed.

Turbo write
In 2012, Samsung bought Nvelo, which created a "RAM cache" on a user's PC that was even faster than the SSD itself. Samsung adapted the technology into its RAPID feature, pairing it with a technology called "turbo write," which first appeared on the 840 Evo series.

Turbo write treats part of the slower MLC flash as single-layer-cell flash, creating yet another cache that can catch up when the drive is idle. It's a way to help differentiate Samsung drives, Geiser explained.

But when it all boils down, most buyers are still concerned with the bottom line: maximizing the amount of storage, and minimizing the dollars spent.

"I like to say that when customers buy a PC, the first thing they look at is the price, the  second thing is the manufacturer name, and the third thing is the processor type," Handy said. "Fourth is the storage capacity, and fifth is the screen size.... that's an awful lot of things to keep in mind."


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