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Staff Picks: FlightTrack 5 is a first-class flight tracking app

Dan Moren | May 26, 2014
As long as there have been airplane flights, there have been people on the ground wondering when those flights will arrive or depart. Heck, Orville and Wilbur's friends probably wondered what time they'd land so that everyone could all go out to dinner. Little has changed in the smartphone age, but our tools have gotten better: The $5 FlightTrack 5, by Mobiata, is among the best apps for keeping tabs on plane trips.

About the only frustration I have with the otherwise awesome FlightTrack is that certain features are a little buried. For example, when searching for flights, I have the option to search for a random one — great for giving demos or taking screenshots — but removing that flight takes a lot of taps: first, selecting the card, then tapping Edit, then tapping Delete, and finally confirming that I want to delete it. It would be much more in keeping with the rest of the app's functionality if I could simply swipe that card off the screen to dismiss it. Fortunately, you can also set the trip to automatically be deleted one hour or 24 hours after the flight is concluded, which helps keep things tamer.

Also, I every once in a while tap on things that I feel should be tap targets (the colored indicator on an airport card, for example) which don't work. Another downside: Though the app does have the ability to automatically sync your trips to one of your calendars, the addition of an iPad interface does seem to cry out for sync between multiple iOS devices.

All in all, FlightTrack is a delightful and exceedingly practical app for keeping an eye on a flight or flights; the addition of an iPad native interface only serves to make a great app even better. If you're looking for the 787 Dreamliner of flight-tracking apps, you've found it.


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