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Stamp out e-mail annoyances

Christopher Breen, | May 6, 2011
Care to synchronize Mail's junk-mail settings between computers, fix an unaccepted password, and send messages from just about anywhere? We have answers to common e-mail problems here.


Bring Mail Views to Outlook 2011

If you once used Microsoft Entourage but have since moved to Microsoft Outlook, it’s likely that you’re missing Mail Views, an Entourage feature that didn't make the cut.

Entourage’s Mail Views were akin to Apple’s Smart Folders—a way to lump together messages defined by such criterion as when they were sent, the category the messages belonged to, and whether the messages were unread or read. Outlook lacks these templates but does include a search function and an official Smart Folder feature that allow you to create something similar. Here's how.

Click in Outlook’s Search field. When you do, a Search toolbar appears. Click the Advanced button. From the beginning of the toolbar choose the source for your search—Folder, Subfolders, All Mail, or All Items. Then, click on the Item Contains pop-up menu and start configuring your search. To add another condition, just click the Plus (+) button that appears after the first condition. For example, I could create a two-condition search that seeks messages sent to me in the last two weeks from anyone with a address by creating these two conditions: Date Sent Within Last 2 Weeks and From Contains Click Save and give your search a name. It's saved as a Smart Folder at the bottom of Outlook’s Folders pane.

Because it’s a "smart” folder that relies on conditions, the messages that appear in these folders will change as they do or don’t match the folder’s conditions. For instance, once messages are more than two weeks old, they will no longer appear in our example folder.


Here's an example of one way to configure an Outlook Smart Folder


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