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Steve Wozniak on iOS 7, Mac Pro, Kim Kardashian, Jobs and the 'lousy' Macintosh

Ashleigh Allsopp | July 1, 2013
We round up Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's numerous interviews from this week, which cover a wide range of topics.

Woz on Apple I auction
An Apple I is being auctioned by Christie's and is expected to be sold for somewhere in the region of $500,000. "There are so few of them now that they mean so much to the world. I'm glad of that; it's cool! But I would never sell my Apple I," said Woz.

Woz on Tim Cook
Woz believes that it is "too early to decide" how successful Apple CEO Tim Cook will be at maintaining Apple's innovative reputation following the death of co-founder Steve Jobs.

"Steve Jobs'reputation largely comes from being this great visionary - and that largely comes from products that came out of Apple. Really incredible products don't come every year. So wait until we see if Apple has a few dogs that come out, and then you can start saying that something's missing."

Woz on car tech
When we said Steve Wozniak had been busy this week, we really weren't joking. He also spoke at Ford's Trend Conference, where he confessed that he is "kinda weird."

During the conference, Woz said that he doesn't think touchscreens are the best solution for in-car infotainment, because "it's hard to find the right button to press without reaching over and taking your eyes off the road even further."

Woz suggested that a Google Glass-like solution could be a better option. "Your eye can really be very much on the road, the conditions ahead of you, though not 100-percent," he said. "You could use that display and get yourself in trouble, so I would have to drive a car and try it."

Woz confessed that he once experimented with the use of special glasses while driving. "Of course, I'm kinda weird," he stated. "One time I put on prism glasses — the glasses where you lie back in bed and watch TV — and I drove down my street like this [pretends to lay back in the drivers seat]." He did reassure the audience that this experiment was conducted on a quiet road with no cars around, though.


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