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Suddenly, it's Google vs. Samsung for Android security

Galen Gruman | May 26, 2014
Google buys a dual-persona security provider in a signal it's finally taking Android security seriously

Google and Samsung are the two companies that have the means and reach to change that situation. HTC and Sony are barely hanging on, and Lenovo's strategy in acquiring Motorola Mobility from Google is unclear, but even if it has Samsung-level ambitions, it will take several years to realize them. Despite all the talk about emerging Chinese giants such as Xiaomi, they don't matter a whit in North America or Europe; they're completely consumer-focused anyhow.

The very fact that Google is investing in Android security is significant. If it follows through with more of the same, we'll see Google and Samsung vie to fix Android's security shortcomings before the other. Whoever gets it right first and delivers the technology broadly will dominate Android in business. If Google does it, the whole platform wins. If Samsung does it, Samsung wins and gains more ability essentially to fork Android by making its services push out Google's. If neither does it, Apple keeps its current win.

However it turns out, this is a fight that needs to happen. For business, Android needs to get serious -- or get out of the way.

Source: Infoworld


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